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Michigan Drug Rehabs Referrals

Michigan Drug Rehab

Drug Rehab Michigan Here at Michigan Drug Rehabs we are focused on assisting the citizens of the great state of Michigan with locating and gaining admission to the finest drug rehab facilities available. There is no doubt that drugs and alcohol have riddled our state with pain and suffering due to addiction and without a unified comprehensive effort thousands of Michigan people will wind up lost to addiction winding up in jail or dead.


There are many types of drug rehab programs available to Michigan Citizens, however, all drug and alcohol programs are not created equal. There are some basic differences that must be sorted through until a perfect match for the person you love is found. Just some of the key things to examine are:


  • Facility location
  • Type of treatment approach
  • Length of stay
  • Medical Assistance On Site
  • Residential treatment
  • Inpatient treatment
  • Detox facilities
  • Addiction counseling offered
  • Treatment of special populations
  • Long term drug rehab
  • Short term drug rehab
  • Treatment after discharge
  • Follow up after discharge
  • Holistic treatment methodology


These are simply a few general areas or aspects of drug rehab programs in Michigan to be scrutinized before a real recommendation can be made.


Further, each client is an individual. Every person has differences in drug use. Some are addicted to cocaine or crack, some addicted to heroin. Still others are addicted to prescription drugs, marijuana, alcohol or club drugs. Within these substance abuse differences lies personality differences, medical needs, spiritual needs and a myriad of social / cultural variances to be taken into account when choosing the very best drug rehab to fit the person needing the help.


Our counselors will take these factors and more into account and recommend the addiction treatment environment, location and methodology that adds up to the best possible choice for recovery success. Call today for a free consultation and recommendation.


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Addiction Treatment Alternatives
Needing Michigan Drug RehabWe have developed relationships with countless addiction treatment alternatives throughout the United States. There are traditional treatment programs based on a philosophy developed in the 30s called alcoholics anonymous along with narcotics anonymous as well as the controversial “dual diagnosis” treatment of addiction whereby a person is deemed to have a dual existing condition, a mental disorder and an addiction as a result. There is also a disease model whereby the individual is locked into a deadly dwindling spiral of genetic inheritance and is and always will be an addict. With success rates of an average 1 to 10 percent recovery, these explanations and marketing of addiction and its treatment leave one to wonder about alternative addiction treatment programs with higher success rates.
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Drug Rehab Selection

Image Selecting the right drug rehab is often a difficult process fraught with uncertainty. The different types of rehab centers vary widely in location, facility, amenities, general treatment philosophy and length of stay. Each one would generally explain to you that their particular brand of drug rehab is the best and this is understandable.

Hopefully the individuals who operate the facility believe in what they are doing and are legitimately trying to help people recover from addiction. However, there is the matter of statistics. How many people who undergo the particular addiction treatment protocol or program remain free from drug and alcohol use for an extended period of time after attending the program or treatment. This is the gauge for those serious about recovery. Everything else pales in comparison when you are discussing the statistical odds of the person you love being successful at getting and staying clean and sober.

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How to pick a rehab?
choose drug rehabChoosing a drug and alcohol rehab is like choosing a treatment for cancer. You enlist the help of trained 3rd party specialist who can guide you through your treatment options carefully explaining the pros and cons of each along with documented recovery rate statistics. You should also research yourself for alternatives, given the prognosis received by the experts available is too low. You discover that a person can recover ad that there are treatments available that achieve amazingly high statistical odds of your loved one fully recovering from addiction.

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